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I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this issue.

I have a 802.11b router ( linksys ) runs fine and then all of a sudden is very very slow and the only way to clear up the problem is unplug the router.

I have checked no one is using the wireless. ( no one really close enough unless they park half way down my driveway. )

I have even tried a new router. I do have several cordless phones ( different brands ) in the house. But even unplugging them does not cure the problem.

Any thoughts.

( Anyone have 802.11A at 5.8ghz ??? )

What kind of speeds are you getting when this happens? Have you tried this from another wireless pc, to make sure it isn't the computer? Do you have WEP enabled? Does this happen randomly or can it be replicated? Wireless X-10 cams, microwaves and other equipment can create this kind of interference too.
In addition to e's questions, have you tried changing channels? Also, could it be a DNS lookup issue and have nothing to do with the router?
I have tried changing channels.

The speeds are very slow when it starts slowing down, almost to the point i can't access the web. ( my dialup is faster ).

I have no other RF in the house besides Zwave and the 4 cordless phones.
( all phones are different brands )

Security system may also have some wireless but I don't think so.
Other than those there are no other wireless devices in the house.

Wep is not enabled, and all my pc's experience the problem. 2 notebooks with built in wireless and 2 pc's with a wireless pci card. ( tried a different brand of pci card also ). 1 wireless pc is now less than 10ft away from the router in the same room and still has slowdowns.

I have not been able to replicate it on demand but it happens sometimes twice a day. And then not for days, really tough to pinpoint.

I originally thought that the problem maybe DNS/Internet related. So I moved the pc and wired it into the router directly. Never experiences a slow down even when all others are slow.

I am tempted to try 802.11a but the range appears to be a lot less.

I sometimes have the same problem here. My router is wifi and wired. and it happens on my wired boxes as well (I think) Power cycling cleans mine up too. I just chaled it up to a router that might need replaced at some time. Next time it happens I will pay more attention to what's going on and report back.

BTW Frequency of this is more in the lines of once a week for me.
Wow, I don't see anything like that here unless I my ISP has troubles. I guess the nest step is to get a sniffer capture (ethereal) when it is happening to see if something is pulling down all the bandwidth. BTW, it could be a wireless phone interfering if it uses the 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology.

Any ham operators or radio/tv stations in your vicinity?

That was my thoughts, 3 different makes of cordless phones that all use spread spectrum and channel hopping.

At the office we use a 802.11b and a seperate 802.11g router and I haven't had to touch them in a year.

Anyone have any thought on the pre-n stuff ???

I like the pre-n stuff so far (better speeds, range, etc.), but not sure if you can upgrade these routers to n once the standard has been set.