Wireless Sensors for multiple windows


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Looking for ideas... I have a Caddx (Networx) system and need to add the final windows. Up until now, I have been able to use wired sensors for everything (~35 zones). However, I have a handful of windows upstairs that I can not get wire to.

What I'm wondering is if there is a way to wire several windows together and use 1 transmitter. For example, in my wired zones, I have a set of den windows (4) that are all right next to each other. Each window has a sensor on it, but they are all wired into 1 zone (in series so if any window is open I know about it).

I would like to do the same with wireless... Put all 5 windows (all right next to each other, sharing the same window frame even) together and just use 1 transmitter for that window zone. Or do I need to buy 5 wireless transmitters (at ~$40-$50 apiece)? I have 3 or 4 sets of windows like this - gets expensive quickly!

I've been looking but I can't find my solution... any ideas?
I would think you can do the same thing with the wireless transmitter, doesn't it use the same type of magnetic reed switches as a regular wired alarm?
Yes, it does use the same type of reed switches... but each window reed switch is it's own transmitter. I've not taken one apart to know if I can wire additional switches "in between", but I doubt it.

What I am visualizing is using standard window switches on all 5 windows, wired to a seperate transmitter that triggers when it goes from closed to open state. Unfortunately, I can't find a transmitter like that... I'm surprised, I can't believe I'm the first to want this...

Edit: here is a link to the standard wireless transmitters: http://www.automatedoutlet.com/product.php...&cat=106&page=1
Hmm, I believe you can not wire these in series because the magnet needs to move away from the transmitter in order to send its signal. In other words the contact closures that you would need to wire in series are imbedded inside the transmitter portion.

I wonder if you could take a transmitter apart and hack it?

I don't know of another wireless product, but you may want to call GE Caddx. The only thing I can think off is to buy one wirless motion detector and have an LED or some low voltage light source in front of it (in a box), then wire (in parallel) normally open magnetic contact closures to your windows to turn that light on (but don't like the idea of a light bulb or led being part of a security system).

Actually I'm just kidding. Hopefully one of our professional installers/members can help with this.

Let us know what you come up with.
If you are willing to disassemble the transmitter, it should be pretty easy (may require some desoldering/soldering).