wireless sensors


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Anyone used this? Micro Wireless Door Window Sensor, white #680


I was originally looking at the recessed ones, but after finding a bad window (before installing one had allowed mositure between the panes) I realized that perhaps these might be better.

Any drawbacks to these? Only think I could see was perhaps the mounting (not clear if its double stick tape). On the bright side, the battery is replaceable, whereas the recessed ones are not.
I rarely use wireless sensors (I prefer hardwired), but there were a couple windows I could not wire, so I use a few of these with my Caddx security system. No problems - very easy to install and use. I have mine 2 floors away (receiver in basement and sensor on second story) and had no issues with reception.

The only negative to these is that you cannot connect external sensors to it. For locations where I have multiple windows connected to each other, I used this sensor instead so that I could attach multiple sensors to 1 transmitter.