wireless water sensors for M1

i'm looking for wireless water sensors for use with my M1 Gold. Has anyone used such devices successfully with their ELK? If so what did you use?

I've found GE/Caddx model # 60-744-95R online but the instructions say it's only compatible with "Simon, Concord, Concord Express, Quik Bridge Loop Receiver".

I do have some Cat5 to the locations where i want the water sensors. Is 24 AWG too small to work well on a 150 - 200 foot run for a water sensor?

Wired is best if possible. The 24ga Cat5 is probably ok even though I would prefer 22 but you can always double up conductors on the Cat5. The wireless option is the Caddx NX-695. The only possible concern is that it is SAW based and 'may' not work optimally with the Elk wireless receiver.
If I remember correctly the GRI 2800's are technically 5 vdc units (work fine on an ELK zone though). So if there is a little voltage drop off of the 12 V zone it should not matter at all.