wiring a 3 way vizia RF switch


I am in the process of installing several Vizia RF switches and dimmers. I have the single pole switches working ok, but I am having an issue with my 3 way applications. My understanding is that if I am using the 15 amp vizia rf switch, I can use the coordinating switch remote (non RF Vizia) as the second switch. I wired both switches, but only the Vizia RF is working right now. The remote switch is not controlling the light. The wiring diagrams in the instructions show the light being wired between the two switches. My existing wiring is not setup that way. In addition, the diagrams shown in the Vizia RF switch instructions are different from the diagrams in the instructions for the remote switch. I have attached a diagram of how my original setup was wired. I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.


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I only had experience with the rf dimmers, not the rf switches, but on/off from the non-rf remote worked in that application. I would assume that the switch would work the same way with travelers, etc (you sure the travelers are wired right - they are NOT flipped - bottom right to bottom right)

But results were sporatic and I could not get non-rf vizia to dim correctly with the zwave devices. I gave up as noted in forementioned post and moved to single pole with controllers so i could get virtual three way dimmers (with the led level indicators). That's the beauty of Levitons's "enhanced two way" enhancements. They will stay in sync - you can't achive that by trying to use standard vizia in a mixed circuit.

I had seen your previous post. I'm not trying to use the dimmer in my case, just a switch. I have it wired per the diagram, but it looks like they are assuming that the load (light) is in the middle and has a wire coming from both switches. I tried wiring it with a hot wire going to both switches and I got the Vizia RF controller to control the light, but not the remote switch.

I'm going to look at it again today and see if I can figure out what went wrong.

Other than this issue, most things are working well. I am actually controlling the Vizia RF devices through an HAI OmniPro II controller and the 2 way communications is working great. I can turn on a light or dimmer via the OmniPro, the remote or at the switch and the status is instantly reported back to both the remote and the OmniPro. It even reports the light levels on dimmers. I have purchased lamp modules, dimmers and switches. I will probably start another thread once I get everything up and running to talk about my experiences.

I may have figured it out. The Worthington catalog says to use the LEVVZ0SR-1L remote (which is what I have) with the 15 amp switch for 3 way applications, but the instructions for the 15 amp Vizia RF switch state that it must be a non LED remote. I have a feeling that there is a compatibility issue between these two devices. I am not positive that this is the problem, but that is the only thing I can figure out.
Make sure you have the correct companion switch. The RF dimmer/Relays only work with VZ00R 10X and VZ0SR--10X devices
mbreeden said:
Make sure you have the correct companion switch. The RF dimmer/Relays only work with VZ00R 10X and VZ0SR--10X devices
I am using the VZ0SR-1L switch. It was advertised as "Use with RZS15 for wired 3 or 4 way applications". I am hoping there is something simple that I am doing wrong and can easily correct it.