Wiring a "smart" switch


In most of the upstairs rooms, I have power coming into the overhead fixture's box, then a 2-wire w/ground dropping down to a switch, so technically I don't have a neutral do I? My white wire is switched hot. One of these asinine circuits is set up as a 3-way, with 3-wire w/ground between the switches.

Do I need to drop a neutral into every one of these?

Yes you need to drop neutrals unless you are going to buy switches that don't require them. You only need to drop to one of the 3 ways though. Otherwise you can use inline modules at the fixture to avoid this but then you have to pay double.
Unless you use one of the technologies that don't require a neutral, then yes you need to run a neutral to every box.

What you have is what was a fairly common way of wiring lights.
Thanks for the quick replies. I should have been more specific.......already using UPB elsewhere.

I'll try attaching a 12/3 wire to the old 12/2 drop and yanking it up to the attic. Hope the electrician wasn't an overzealous stapler! That should take care of it.

Good to know that I wont need a neutral in both of the 3-way boxes, though. I don't know how I would get to that second one. Will it be obvious, then, from the enclosed instructions (HAI) how to wire that 3-way without a second neutral?

Speaking of Switches that do not need neutrals.... Where did they go? Switchlinc RX switches have all but dissappeared. I can find the Beige models, but have not seen the white switches in a long time.

I need 1 white relay and 2 dimmers... Because I can't find them I have been trying to get my electrician friend to run neutrals for me for 6 months... I am scared of the cost to have a electrical company to come out and charge me retail to do it.

I have 4 runs with attic access... Anyone know what running a neutral cost, x4 runs? I know it varies, but am I looking at $1,000???