Wiring distribution for security sensors


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How are most of you handling the wire management for the sensors which ultimately go to M1 zones? Bring them straight into the panel, or bring them to a punchdown block of some sort and then go from there to the M1? I recognized that introduces another point of failure but with as many sensors as I have and the fact that they are all home run for maximum flexibility but will likely be daisychained to combine into one zone it seems to make sense.

What are the rest of you doing?

I promise I'll try to make this my last question for tonight. :)
I like to land my homeruns in a box outside of the panel box. I then run 22/12 into the panel box from the homerun box. With one wire as the ground, I get 23 zones from two wires. You are right, it may be a point of failure but it is also a good test point. I use ELK "B" connectors for my splices. In 30+ years I've never had a "B" connector failure.
I ended up using a bunch of new phone punchdown blocks, they seem to be more 'space efficient', however I do like those DIN rails. I would love to see a picture of it mounted in a can.
I used regular terminal strips when I did the quick retrofit. When I redo the whole thing shortly I am also leaning toward the din rail blocks.