Wiring Question


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I am working on installing an inline duct fan in my HVAC system to get better airflow to my top floor. Obviously - it requires electricity.

This fan will be installed behind the walls. I will have access to it through a small panel in a closet in case service is ever needed.

I have an electrical outlet on the other side of one of the walls. My plan is to add an outlet inside the walls for the fan by simply connecting an outlet off the back of the existing outlet. I plan on installing it in it's own box so everything will be covered properly.

My concern is that since this outlet is behind the walls (where the only way to get to it is through this small access panel) - could it be an inspection issue? I don't plan on selling for a while, but I'd rather do it right the first time.

I'm not sure I'm following you. Do you plan on using a plug for the fan and plugging it into an outlet that is "behind" the wall? Will the fan be permanently mounted?
I think that as a rule, outlets (and thus plugged in connections) inside wall cavities are not allowed in electrical codes. You would need to hard wire it.
Thanks for the replies.

Yes, the fan comes with a traditional 3 prong plug - so I planned on plugging it in "behind" the wall. It will be permanently mounted into the ductwork. As Guy states, I was concerned that it would not pass code - so I will hard wire it.