Wiring slave switch in UPB 3-way


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I'm a little confused. Maybe I don't read these technical diagrams too well. In a 3-way setup, both boxes have a red traveler wire. The USR (slave) connects to the traveler wire using a wire nut, but on the technical diagram provided with the US2-40 universal transceiver, it just says the red wire = remote... but it doesn't say how to connect it to the universal transceiver! I don't recall the universal transceiver having a brown/white wire like the standard or the slave. So, the real question is, what do I do with my red wire in the box with the universal transceiver? And how does the slave get the message to the master if it only transmits over the traveler (red) wire?
On the US240 switch, the traveler wire hooks into the bottom where is says remote 1 or remote 2. Use a small screwdriver to help.