Working with a neighbor?


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Someone had a thread about taking advantage of neighbors' cameras if you got robbed or something. How about their wireless???

If you cut the cable and phone in my house, it won't be able to call for help. But if my neighbors had broadband, I could use a wireless card in one of my machines and if power, phone or cable were cut, it could send out a call for help over the neighbor's broadband.

What about a PCS or some cellular card for one of the PC's that could send a call for help over my wireless phone account? I guess they have latop cards, maybe there is something for a PC?

Just brainstorming. It would be embarrassing if my house got plundered with all the work I have into security and automation. I would never be able to consult someone else in good faith =)

Interesting concept, and I don't see why it wouldn't work.

However, it's question of how much effort you want to put in to prevent a very slight possibility of something occuring. Cut phone lines in a residential setting is very unusual. 99% of the burglaries are a bunch of punks/junkies looking for some quick money, and they don't have the intelligence/sophistication to cut phone lines. It's break a window or kick down a door, run to the bedroom, grab the pillow case from the bed, scoop the jewelry into it, run to the kitchen and scoop any silverware into the pillow case, grab any electronic items they can get under an arm, and then out the door.

About the only time thieves cut wires in residiential burglaries are when they are professionals going for a specific item, i.e. they know you have an extensive gun collection or jewelry collection.
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It has been discussed here already. Right now I'm protecting the telephone line from burglars so that the only place where it is available to be cut is at the distribution box at the end of the street. In that case the neighbors's cable modem based internet would be of help (telephone would be down too).