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MARCH 31, 2004 – Worthington Distribution has become Leviton’s first authorized distributor of Leviton/Sound by Bose distributed audio and home theater audio systems. Recent surveys show that whole house music and home theater audio are among the fastest growing segments of desired systems in new homes today.

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Hey E:

Did you see this quote in that article?

These systems are only available to authorized dealers, installers and contractors who have successfully completed the Leviton certification class.
Isn't Bose looked down upon by audiophiles as being very expensive and not delivering "true" sound? I have a couple Bose bookshelf speakers (really low end) and they're not bad but I prefer my Polks. If you look on places like www.avsforum.com, Bose does not fare well. I know that Bose doesn't seem to allow specs for any of their products to be published and I've heard they get mad when people publish test results (this is hearsay, I haven't looked into it).

I imagine the Leviton/Bose partnership will do well based on name recognition but it doesn't sound like anything to get too excited about.

(PS: I'm really not trying to sound negative here - although my last few posts may seem that way).
smee, I agree with you, I used to be a big BOSE fanatic, but the more I got to learn about all this stuff, the more I realized that BOSE isn't bad, but it certainly isn't the audiophile's choice.

BSR: Hopefully that class is just some marketing droid stuff, as it is the case with most manufacture mandated certs.