Wouldn't the Lilliput's 8" monitors make nice HA .

The touchscreen feature, along with the included stylus, allows easy navigation without the need for an external mouse or keyboard

Does this mean you can't use them with just your finger?

To bad if you can't. They seem pretty decent in price AND you also have two video input sources as well (easily switch to your cameras without the need for a web page or other streaming software).

Doesn't electron have one of these in his car for his car pc?
$300 is actually a bit high. You can get them on Ebay with BuyItNow for under $240 in many cases. Here is a Link with Buy It now, 8" sorted from cheapest to most expensive. The 7" models are going for just over $200.

I would also like to know if this can be used with a finger and not just the stylus. The stylus is mentioned, but I would be willing to bet a finger would work. I would just like to confirm this.

I have been looking to get something like this for my car for for GPS. I have an older 800Mhz Dell laptop with usb and serial that would work great as a car PC. Thin enough to mount under the seat, and laptops are pretty durable by nature. Add a wireless mini keyboard and this would work great for that purpose.

Of course, I would also have to load up the 40 gig HD with MP3's as well and figgure out what kind of player to use. Hmmmm Winamp with the right skin would probably work well. I havent't purchased one yet, and I am already designing the system! See how easy it is to get carried away with this stuff!
If the 8" is the same as the 7" technology wise (and I am pretty sure it is), then it will work fine with fingers, I have a Xenarc 7" in my car, which is very similar to the Lilliput, and it works great. Just keep in mind that the lillitput seems to break easy compared with i.e. Xenarcs, especially when it comes to modding them (such as flush mounting them), so if you get it through ebay, make sure you have a warranty. To be honest, I would order them from a place which has a good reputation and specializes in this stuff such as mp3car.com.
wouldnt the stylus only be needed if you wanted to write something? i'd imagine it'd be pretty tough to write with a big ol fat finger
Why would you want to write something? You normally use a virtual keyboard with these kind of touchscreens. However, I am looking for a nice cheap stylus for mine since I don't like the fingerprints.