Wow, homeseer has got their stuff together with zwave


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I finally got off my behind and moved my zwave setup from my Elk Zwave controller to homeseer. I'd been have tremendous trouble with the elk zwave unit with a large network (40 nodes). I've written about this in the past. The net is that the elk zwave solution is not really worth the trouble right now, and despite promises made to me to address my concerns, it turns out that there is not a large enough market for elk to fix the problems I've been having.

My homeseer setup uses the z-troller controller and z-seer zwave network optimizer. The result is that my zwave network has never been so fast and reliable, plus it is now trivial for me to diagnose and remove dead nodes from the network (which happens at least once a year with ACT switches/dimmers). The integration with my elk is pretty convoluted in my opinion because I have to use virtual outputs watched by homeseer to control lighting scenes, but it least until homeseer or XP crashes, which is not often, but often enough that I've had to show my wife how to reboot a computer buried in my a/v closet. It's not ideal, but much better than what I was dealing with before.