Wow, these voices make Neospeech sound awful!


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While investigating the use of Neospeech voices on my carPC, I stumbled onto this site:

Try the demo, it sounds incredible (I just cut and pasted the copyright footer on their page as a test) and so much nicer than the Neospeech voices. I am trying to find out if they are SAPI compliant. What do you guys think?

According to this PDF ( they are SAPI 5 compliant, pretty cool! I contacted them for some more information.
Those are pretty good. They sound about like my AT& T voices. Let us know what you find out.

I noticed that there are no North American distributors?

There's a 30 day trial available under the Infovox Products link. Who's the first to try?
I'll try them when I get home in an hour or so, I didn't even see that link. I am hoping maybe Martin can be the US distributor (if they don't have one already). Only worry I have now are the system requirements, and the price, but I asked all those questions in my email, hopefully I will get a response soon.
I'm impressed. I am an AT&T fan (mostly Audrey). But I think the intonation and pronunciation accuracy of Heather is clearly better than AT&T Audrey or Crystal.

I installed the demo heather voices on my car PC (mini itx based, so it isn't the fastest system), and TTS loads instantly, no delays at all, and very well pronounced. It does look like the demo comes with the 22khz version, but they still sound much nicer than my AT&T and Neospeech voices.
I asked, but their PDF already states its SAPI 5.1 compliant, I tested this last night, and there were no problems.
The second article on seems to have some idea about how much these voices might be:

hanks to Babel Technologies you can now get a really natural sounding voice for pVoice at very low cost. When you order BrightSpeech with me, you can get BrightSpeech at the amazingly low price of 300 euros per voice. And yes, I'm even making a small profit on it, but that profit will be spent on further development of pVoice!

Time to ask HST if they can make a nice deal, this is a little much.
Just downloaded and installed the 30 dayer... works very well with Homeseer. Sounds REEEL good!

Howmuch,howmuch,howmuch! ;)
In the post above yours, Dan's shows that they are 300 euros per voice which is approximately $368.579 USD. With that in mind they should be a whole lot better. ;)
well hopefully it's that much when you buy it from the pvoice site because he probably only sells them once in a while, I am sure HST can get MUCH better pricing.
I must agree... these sound pretty darn good.. NO UK dealer though, perhaps I should approach the company about being a UK distributer ;)
I'm with a company called Cepstral. I believe this group may be interested in our voice products for three reasons.

1. Our prices are very reasonable - we sell voices directly from our store for $29.95 (US). All voices are also available for a free 30 day demo.

2. We offer a scalable text-to-speech engine. Currenlty we have the smallest high-quality TTS engine available. It ranges down to 4 Megs. We sell WinCE voices on the store. (We also support Linux, Windows, WinCE, and soon Palm.)

3. We offer a very simple affiliate program. If there are any developers here, we provide 30% rev share. Our SDK is intuitive and supports SAPI and SSML.

We have a series of new voices coming out in november. Here's a link to the beta of David, and Stephanie: New David & Stephanie portfolio voices

I hope this information is helpful.