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I found this a while ago, but most of the links are stale. I've been starting to build a list of my own, but it will not be extensive... It will only have the information I'm interested in, mainly Insteon. Once there's a little more meat to it, I'll post a link. Although I think I have it posted in my profile, or at least my main page.

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I started out learning from that index, but a lot of the information was really dated. It would be a massive help if it had like a Posted Date, and a Last Updated date.

OOOhhh, maybe the modern day BLOG formula would work for that site (or a new one ;-) So all the links update themselves via blog postings and the coolest ones then move to the top. I appologize, I don't mean to tell someone to change their business model, but a BLOG like that would be very interesting to me, or at least some of BLOGS features... (User rating system for the links or something)

I will click a link to say a Link needs to be updated or removed, but will generally never write an email...