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Woot.com is the next big thing in the worl of E-Businesses. What makes it so interesting is that they only sell one item a day. TOday the item was a "MSI GeForce FX5600 Ultra 128MB 8X AGP Video Card" which sold at $59.99 each. Other online stores are selling this item for over $160. Current bid on ebay for this item is $31 and 6 hours to go. Everyday woot.com puts up a new item, usually some sort of electronics, and sells it until they are sold out. Then next item goes up for sale at 12am midnight. This should be just as exciting as a reality tv show. Some days you will hate it and others you will love it. But it will always keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what the next item will be and how much will it cost?

You can read all about them in the FAQ Page
I quit following Woot.com when they started to sell remote controlled dinosaurs! Seemed like everytime I went there I didn't want anything they were offering that day.

When there finally was something interesting, it was already sold out.