x-10 indicator?


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Hello fellow forum members. I found this forum yesterday by chance. I am very impressed with the knowledge here. This is right up my alley. Anyway...let me see if you are up for the challenge.....

I'm looking for an x-10 device which is both an x-10 controller (such as the tabletop x-10 controller) but is also an x-10 receiver which has an indicator light. The receiver only needs to control the indicator light, no load otherwise.

In otherwords....a pushbutton at one x-10 address and a indicator light at another address.

An alternative would be just an indicator which is x-10 controlled.

Anyone have any ideas?
A couple of simple solutions...

1- The X-10 Universal module (UM506) will give you a single low voltage relay that you can wire to a low voltage indicator light on your table.

2- Put a Leviton 2-button keypad controller into a white waterproof box and cut up an old extension cord to wire a plug to it. (Maybe put some rubber feet on the back so it can sit on the table without scratching). Both buttons have LEDs so you can use one for control and just observe the LED on the second.

With number 2 you have to use two consecutive X-10 addresses. Use a Keypadlinc and you will have 6 lighted buttons that can be set to any address.
I don't know of any off the shelf solution using X10. The problem is the X10 addressed indicator that is decoupled from the switch. Certainly there are a number of home-grown solutions but I sensed that you were looking for something you could just order.

Maybe there's another approach... May I inquire as to the nature of your application?
Turning a six or eight button Keypadlinc into a tabletop controller is your most flexible option. (Just mount it in a box and wire in an extension cord.) If you want seperate lights to indicate ON and OFF, use the six button model, or if you just want a light to go on and off with the load, use the eight.
Wow, thanks for all of the responses. I like the keypadlinc solution. Funny I have never seen this before. I think it will do what I want but after reading the instruction manual, I am not totally sure. Maybe those of you who have used this can answer this. Here are more details:

1. I have a home theater upstairs. I don't go up there often except to watch a movie, etc. Other family members also use it. But sometimes, other family members, being who they are, forget to turn off the projector when they leave. So my $450 projection lamp with a limit of 2000 hours is getting socked with a few extra hours.

2. When turning on the projector, it takes about 3 minutes for the lamp to come on to full brightness. I hate turning it on then waiting for it to brighten up.

3. I have an Ocelot programmed to recognize and control all of the home theater equipment. I have a macro programmed to sequence the turn on and shutdown of the equipment. However, for some reason, this sequence is not 100% reliable. Once in a while something doesn't get shut down.


1. From downstairs, I want to be able to be know the status of the projector, is it on or off.
2. From downstairs, I want to be able to turn the projector on and off. That way I can turn it on before I go up there, and not have to wait. Also, if I find it is on, and not suppose to be, I can turn it off.


1. Install a current monitor on the projector to verify if it is pulling power, and feed this to the Ocelot.
2. Have the Ocelot send an x-10 command to the proposed keypadlinc to indicate status of the projector. ON or OFF.
3. Use a keypadlinc x-10 command to trigger the startup or shutdown sequences from the Ocelot.


1. It sounds like the keypadlinc can do this. What is your analysis?
2. Do you have any proposals on what to do with the unused button and lights on the keypadlinc? I think I only need 2 of the 6 buttons. What can I do with the other 4? any ideas?

Thanks so much for the help.
I definitely like the current monitor idea as well, much more reliable than using a 2way appliance module. The KeypadLinc should work in this setup without any problems. As for the rest of the buttons, you could use them to monitor the status of some other devices (i.e. speakers), lights in that home theater room, or even use it to monitor the status of the garage door and other important devices.
Thanks for all the ideas.... However, I found a way to snake a wire to the location where I want to put the monitor keypad. So...it will be cheaper and more reliable to hardwire the pushbutton and lights to the Ocelot directly...no X-10 in this loop.

.......Now I've got to find just the right miniature PB and indicators.

Thanks. I did some browsing this weekend at the Automated Outlet. 2 things I noticed:

1. The pricing is below competetive. I'm not complaining.

2. It appears there is no secure checkout. Did I miss something here?
There definitely is a secure checkout, just make sure you select credit card as the type of transaction (default). I just verified this by putting an item in my cart and going to the check out, the SSL certificate reports everything is ok, and the lock is shown at the bottom of the browser window.
Let me correct. I didn't actually make it to the checkout. It was the new account setup that is not secure. All of the personal information, including name, address, email, passwords, etc would be broadcast in the clear.