X-10 Noise/Errors, Getting "F Bright"


This thread was generated from discussions in a previous thread (so that one was not hijacked).

I am getting X-10 errors every now and then such as "F Bright". They come in spurts and flood my powerlines.

When I mentioned this in another thread I received the following comments from kwilcox:

I've noticed your F bright problem too and traced it back to the switch settings on my ACT coupler. When I go home today for lunch all post what my current settings are. Since making the adjustments, my phantom issues have disappeared.

I also have an ACT coupler and would love to know how to keep these errors from appearing!
Are you using an Ocelot and HomeSeer?

I had a simular problem which I traced to my Ocelot sending spurious X10 commands to HomeSeer.
The problem was the version of ADIOcelot (the alternate Ocelot plugin) I was using was allowing X10 information to 'leak' back into HomeSeer, even though I don't use my Ocelot for X10.

Just a Thought.

Oh great, thanks a lot Paul. Just when I thought I had the problem nailed down, hehe! :huh:

I do have an Ocelot and Homeseer and use the mcsOcelot plugin. To make matters more interesting I have a booster linc on the TW523 for the Ocelot's X-10 interface.

I don't have Homeseer use the Ocelot as its X-10 interface (use a CM11a for that) but it could indeed pickup that F Bright. Are you saying the Ocelot will leak the F Bright via the serial link or the X-10 powerline?

Thanks for the help. I have been trying to get a handle on exactly where this is coming from!

Oh BTW, I don't use FBright nor any "F" housecode command for anything in Homeseer or my Ocelot's CMax code.
Ok, my ACT has switch 4, 6 and 7 on. All others are off. I believe that my problem was related to an initial setting that had the ACT monitor for signal on three phases (mine came set that way) and so on my split single phase system it was interpreting noise as valid X10 which it retransmitted resulting in phantom commands being generated. Hope this helps!
I have a simular setup as you do.
In my case the ADIOcelot plugin was allowing the Ocelot to talk to HS even though I'd told not to. The fix for my problem was to upgrade the plugin.

Have you added any software ugrades to your system? Or are maybe an udgrade is available?

Maybe Guy L. knows a way to terminate the X10-RJ11 connector, that could be another source of the problem.

At this point I'm just guessing, since an upgrade fixed my problem, and you say you're not using the ADIOcelot plugin (which I personally think is a vastly superior plugin), what worked for me may not work for you.

Happy Hunting :rolleyes:

Thanks Paul, I will have to check the version of the mcsOcelot plugin I have. I didn't know there was a recent upgrade to it.