x-10 RF Help


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I'm looking at adding a few ds10A, some activeeyes and a ninja. I know I need an x10 rf receiver and a plug in to make it work with Homeseer. My only serial port is being used by the ztroller so I need a usb solution. If some one has a suggestion on hardware I need I would appreciate it.

Here's what I think I know already.

I will need a cm19a for the ninja because the other two won't work for it. So can I use that and one of the below units together?

The RFXCOM seems to get the best reveiws but I can't find a price or place to buy it in the us.

The W800 is well liked but doesn't have the range of the RFXCOM and it's serial.
thanks for the repy.

I'm still wondering if I can use the RFXCOM and the CM19A together?

I have been told that the CM19A controls the ninjas and the RFXCOm controls the ds10a and motion detectors. Will they conflict with each other? Do I need both?
Should not be an issue.
I use the CM-19a with a W800 (as opposed to a RFXcom) and ACRF. Works great.
Hey guys, are you using the CM19A with Homeseer2? What plugin and how did you get it working? I used to have Case's plugin under HS1.7, but I can't get it working under HS2...