X10 across 400 amp service (2 x 200 amp panels)


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Yes, I know, I'm in love with Z-Wave, but there are a few places I wouldn't mind some nice, inexpensive, X10 products. I have 2 x 200 amp panels. Each panel has a dryer outlet.

I know I can bridge the phases within the panels by installing a coupler within each dryer outlet, but is it necessary to bridge the panels? How does one do that?

The way that my electrical service is run, I only needed to install 1 bridge/repeater. The signal travels to both panels. Your electrical service might be the same. I hope this helps.

The feed to both of the panels is likely outside of the house where the two panel power source is really one.

Utility Co. > Transformer > Cable to house > outside "junction box" > Panel 1 and Panel 2.

You should only need to couple the Phases (using a Phase coupler), not the Panels as they are already connected.