X10 Controller blowout! 6 for the price of 1 !

I presume that it is easy to change the labels under the buttons on those stick-a-switches? Sorta like the Palmpads?

Good find John.
As Tony said, its that easy, but you need to use a pretty small font to fit behind the plastic caps for sure ;) They do include quite a few tabs to use with the switch though. Such as "Lamp, Door, lights" ect ect....

The sticky switches are much more to me than being able to turn lights on and off though! They make great "conditions" that you relay information to l whatever software that you are running.

For instance, I have 2 roomates, and I have a sticky switch on the dryer in the garage. When one of us does a load of laundry, we press the button with whoevers name on it. It then sends an X10 signal to the power flash to turn on the dryer. I know what your thinking, just press the button on the dryer! BUT by pressing the name when we do laundry, HS knows who is doing laundry, and when the dryer is done, it knows where to announce that it has finished. This prevents announcing to all the bedrooms, and throughout the house, if I decide to do laundry at 2:00 in the morning :) And let me tell you, if the computer were to announce at 2 in the AM that the dryer is done throughout the entire house, the RAF (Roomate Aproval Factor) would go WAY down!

And as an extra bonus, its easy to look at the HS logs and see who used the laundry room last and didnt clean the dryer filter, and left the place in a mess :D Big Brother IS watching! hehehehehehe
Son of a gun!

They sent me the wrong ones ;)

Got six of the "Gold" faced stick-a-switches....

That gold plate is a bit...well... gawdy (to put it nicely ).

Just when I was gonna play around with em this weekend too...

Oh vell. Maybe next weekend.
But the ugly gold ones do have one redeeming feature: they have red and green LEDs for feedback.
Yes, only one red LED on the white units.

I got the plain white ones, but, was short shipped one. They say it's on the way.