X10 Light switch/Stated Load


I have one of the el cheapo X10 decora switch rated at 500W - I think I may be overloading my sets of front porch lights - there's three overhead lights with 3 bulbs each - chandelier type bulbs - probably 40w - can't see, it's too high... but that would be 360W. Two lower wall lights also tied to the same switch looks like they have 60W - 80W bulbs... With the normal switch, all 5 sets of lights work. with the X10, only the 3 overhead light up, the lower two aren't working. does this sound like a load problem?

I've ordered a 1000W smarthome switch - but in the interim, is it safe to remove the bulbs from the two lower wall lights to lower the load so that I'm not overdriving the switch?

If it was overloaded. It may overheat or fail, but not some lights don't light.
You may want to double check that the load wires to the two lower bulbs didn't make a poor connection when the X10 switch was installed.
One thing to remember. The Insteon and Icon wall switches need a Neutral Power Wire in the switch box along with the Hot and Load wires. With out a Neutral the switch will not function. You can download the full manuals for all the Insteon and Icon devices from the Smarthome web site.