X10 PLC hookup M1 Gold -PSC05 install


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I have a few x10 appliance modules laying around, so thought it will be fun to integrate it into the Elk M1G.

Questions on how to install, after searching...does this sound correct?:

1) Turn off the M1G panel
2) Get the PSC05 unit, with a correct RJ11 cable, PLUG it into PLC J5 port on the M1G. Set JP2 jumper to 2way
3) Plug the PSC05 into a nearby AC outlet
4) Power on the M1 Gold Panel
5) Go to RP Software, and start the task/config under LIGHTING

Is that all there is to it? Sounds too simple, am I missing something?

Does the PSC05 need any enrollment? Or will the RP software know how to integrate it, automatically???

Further questions/ non install related:

1) What is the difference/ benefit from PSC05 or TW523 X10 unit?

2) I have a X10 TRANSCEIVER TM751 module, is this still required for the X10 to work throughout my house? And if so, does it matter where I plug the transceiver? (upstairs, downstairs, must be near the PSC05??)

3) For a ~3000 sqft two-story home, will I need a "bridge" or "coupler" ??

4) I know for a fact I have a 240V wiring to my electric oven. From reading and searching the net, the "quick test" is to turn the DRYER ON to get two-phases coupled.....my electric oven seems to be plugged in, and the LCD clock is blinking.

Without the electric oven physically being turned ON and heating, since its plugged in and LCD Clock is lit, does that mean its "operating"?

---Basically, Im fairly new to the x10, and I would like to have every single outlet in the house "coupled" "bridged" or working, and responding to the M1

thanks in advance, this should be a fun project and Im very much looking to getting started. Also, please tell me what parts to order, if needed.

Oh and also, any idea where I can buy or make the RJ11 compatible cable?
Real quick:

PSC05 and TW523 basically the same, PSC05 is the pro model.

You will need a coupler/repeater, I recommend the THIS one.

You need to "condition" your house and eliminate signal sucks. Read THIS thread.

You need the correct cable, I 'think' it's basically opposite a regular telephone cable (four conductor) wiring (can't remember, but it's probably on Elk's site).
Does the PSC05 need any enrollment? Or will the RP software know how to integrate it, automatically???

No enrollment you just tell the M1 about the X10 items you have .... lights , appliances and so on in the RP software.

2) I have a X10 TRANSCEIVER TM751 module, is this still required for the X10 to work throughout my house? And if so, does it matter where I plug the transceiver? (upstairs, downstairs, must be near the PSC05??)

The TM751 converts the X10RF to the powerline so you will still need unless you go with a something like a http://www.wgldesigns.com/w800.html.

I suggest looking for one of these also if you have lot of X10 stuff to add. http://www.smarthome...ucts/Item/ESM1/

Check ebay they popup there every so often.

I use X10 to control a bunch of things and its ok but if you don't already have the stuff laying around I would go with zwave or UPB.
Can anyone confirm if I need a straight through OR crossover cable for the m1 gold?

And if crossover, where the heck would I buy that?

Will like to start ordering the cable and psc05.first...
I have another darn issue at hand...

Its the phase coupling.

I am not sure, and not on site, but the panel may be maxed out, and no more room for additional Breakers.

Will it be wise to tap into the AC sub breaker box and add a capacitor?

I know for a fact the electric oven is 220v, but assume it was hardwired, so no receptacle plug adapter... But I can be wrong and would like to avoid removing the built in oven.

Also, the dryer, I believe was wired with 110v receptacles.

What are my options for phase coupling?
Electric dryers are always 220; unless you just have a gas dryer, that could be 110... do you at least have a 220 receptacle for your dryer? I know my house is set up for either.
Yeah, I have (or speced) for a gas dryer.

Im so upset, the builder went cheap and maxed out the breaker panel on a new install... Ugh
Im looking up quad breaker switches...
perhaps we can add/replace with that

Not sure what brand panel I have as om not on site.Of course work will be performed by the professional, and not I. Just looking for suggestions

If I decide to go zwave, will the programming be the same in RP software?

And will the only thing I need to purchase is the zwave interface? Nothing else? (besides switches and outlets, of course)

Im figuring if I need to buy a $60 x10 coupler, might as well buy the zwave interface if thats the only thing needed...

I am seeing this on ebay, will this work? And will it pass code?

Basically its a breaker styled coupler... No wiring needed

That does kinda suck - my builder maxed out my panel too... Used double breakers on all the 110 spots even, only leaving one single space open. I had to find double-220's just to fit a phase coupler in!
Thats my panel... All maxed

Im thinking of buying a triplex murray 40/20/20 breaker.

From there I will free up a double poke, and add the coupler.

Will this work?.... Of course I will leave the work up to the electrician and not I.

Side note: I went to the house yesterday and indeed confirm I had a phase problem, x10 will only work on different locations and not all (on separate phases)


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By the way, from the photo, two large black and red is from temporary post power, thus no main Meter in the panel yet
I need help.

I got the psc05 unit in the mail from an ebay seller.

I've tried ALL possible combination (I think) but still cannot get this working with the elk M1 GOLD.

I purchase two brand new rj11 4 conductor cables from monoprice. One is a straight through cable, and the other is reversed ends.

I jumper it to 2-way on the elk, and plug in the cable. Assign automation, LIGHTING, for A1 - then created a rule for WHENEVER F1 on keypad is pressed, then TURN ON/OFF switch ---but still does not work.

---I have a powerline x10 controller, and the appliance modules do in fact work, so I know the x10 products are good.

My question is, is this psc05 dead??:

1) I notice the PSC05 light is CONSTANT RED. no matter rj11 cable is hooked up or not. --is this correct? Even with no rj11 cable, is the red light supposed to be on?

2) the PSC05 does not blink on any command/automation task

I still have 4 days to email the seller for a refund..anyone got any ideas on how to troubleshoot, or to the above questions?