X10 Scenes vs Insteon Scenes


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Can someone help explain how X10 Scenes may (or may not) differ from Insteon Scenes - and how to even set up Insteon Scenes? Here's some background...

I currently have an X10 system with 5 lamp modules. Because of issues I've been having with signal reliability, I'm considering swapping them out for Insteon modules.

Right now, each X10 module has it's own address, as well as a couple of "scene addresses", so if I hit A1-ON, all 5 go to a pre-programmed level (at home program), B1-ON sets all 5 to a different level (away program), and C1-ON to a final level (movie program). Each module gets set to a different level for each scene. These were all programmed using an X10 Maxi-Controller.

What I'm struggling with is how to duplicate this in Insteon. I have the "starter kit", and the only mention of scenes I can find is in regards to X10. So the best I can figure out, I can duplicate the "scenes" entirely in "X10 mode", for both the controller and modules. That doesn't seem like a bad idea, but wouldn't I be losing out on the Insteon benefits this way? Or am I not quite understanding how things work?

Seems like there are a ton of knowledgeable people on here, so any thoughts would be VERY appreciated.

Thanks, all!
From the LampLinc Users Guide"

Creating an INSTEON Scene

INSTEON Scenes let you activate dramatic lighting moods with the press of just one button. INSTEON Scenes are very easy to set up – just link more than one INSTEON module to an ON/OFF Button Pair on an INSTEON Controller. Then, when you press either the ON or the OFF Button on the INSTEON Controller, all of the INSTEON modules linked in the scene will respond as a group. You can link multiple LampLinc Dimmers or other INSTEON modules to multiple INSTEON Controllers.

To add an additional LampLinc Dimmer to a scene controlled by an ON/OFF Button Pair on an INSTEON Controller, simply follow the same procedure that you used for linking the first LampLinc Dimmer. See Linking LampLinc Dimmer to an INSTEON Controller, above. To adjust the On-Level by itself, see Setting the On-Level (Optional), or to adjust both the Ramp Rate and the On-Level, see Setting the Ramp Rate and the On-Level (Optional). To remove a LampLinc dimmer from a scene, see Unlinking LampLinc Dimmer from an INSTEON Controller.

Once you've added the devices to a Scene you can set the Ramp Rates and Levels by using the ControLinc to adjust then double clicking the SET button on the LampLinc's.
Thanks AccessX10. I'm not sure, though, that those instructions will address my needs (OK - my wants. :)

What I'd like is something like this....
Scene 1:
Accent Lighting at 80%
Above Cabinet Lighting at 100%
Buffet Lighting at 50%

Scene 2:
Accent Lighting at 40%
Above Cabinet Lighting at 80%
Buffet Lighting at 50%

In reading the above with Insteon, it sounds like for the scenes are they are supported today, I'd have to put everything in Scene 1 at 80%, everything in Scene 2 at 40%, etc.

Hmmmm.... and now I pause.... think about what you said again.... and re-read the manual.... I think I may have it.

So since you have to tap andtap/hold for three seconds the module that you want to adjust the on-level for, you could just keep repeating this process for each module, with a different level. After each one got programmed, you'd have a mixed set (similar to X-10 now).

If so, thank you for your help! If not, any additional thoughts? ha ha