X10 Signal Problems


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A couple of weeks ago some of my lights quit coming on when HomeSeer sent out the signals. I could still control the lights via a Palm Pad without any problems. I got a X10 signal meter from Automated Outlet and started testing various outlets in the house.

1. First tested the outlet that HS is connected to. Sent a command from HS and strong signal almost 5 volts. Pressed a button on the Palm Pad saw about .1 volt and green light indicating valid X10 signal.

2. Plugged the meter into the outlet that my TM751 is in that the Palm Pad uses to activate the lights in question. Sent command from HS, signal .1 volts but no green light. Pressed a button on the Palm Pad saw about 5 volts and green light.

3. Plugged the meter into various other outlets in the house, some show good signal others not.

So I thought that my SignaLinc coupler had gone bad. Got a replacement from AO and still have the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can check next?

Was that a coupler or a coupler repeater? It sounds like the signal needs some amplification.
Rupp, that may be the case but I would probably say not because of the size of his house. I do say though that you can never have too much signal and Harley, if you would like to try that, I'll certainly lend you one with a repeater in it to see if that fixes it.

Back to my questions though, have you tested for noise on the circuits? I think you said something when you came by the store today about having a big screen TV and some other toys that aren't filtered. Try to do some noise testing. You might also see what happens when you unplug that power strip you were talking about that had all of that stuff on it.

I have tested all the outlets in the house in the following manner:

1. Turned off all breakers except the one HS and a TM751 are on.
2. Identified all the remaining outlets on the same breaker with the tester. No noise on the line and good signal at all outlets 2.5+ volts.
3. Turned remaining outlets on that are on the same side of the panel as above. Good signal on all outlets and no noise present.
4. Started turning on breakers on the other side of the panel. Outlets received X10 signal, but strength dropped to between .1 and 1 volt. 2 outlets did not receive and signal at all, they are also on the same breaker as most of the lights in the house.
5. Once all breakers were turned back on, I started plugging in devices and noted that a PC monitor in one room rendered the outlets usless on the same breaker, and that plugging the A/V equipment in did the same on its breaker. Looks like I need filters on those outlets.

1. Looks like the coupler is working, however the signal strength is not as high on the other side of the panel from source.
2. Need filters on a couple of outlets to allow use of other outlets on same breaker.
3. The only time I see any noise on any outlet, is the outlet that my cable box and an Audrey are plugged into.

1. If I tradeup to a coupler/repeater will my signal strength be increased on the other side of the panel?
2. Does the filter allow X10 signals pass thru the filter?

Thanks for any help.


Also, X10 signals WILL NOT pass through the filter - at least it's not supposed to!

I'll be in the office again tomorrow if you want to come by to try a coupler with the booster.