X10 Switch help 23885 three way


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Was at a yard sale the other day + picked up a 23885w X10 switch + a bunch of plug-in X10 appliance modules + a wireless remote + reciever all for $5. My brother (who actually understands electrical work) hooked the 23885 switch up for me on what was a 3-way circuit, + just removed the 2nd switch from the wall.

He sais we'll need:
The Companion switch 2382 - which we can't seem to find anywhere
An X10 Controller that can be hardwired into the wall - an in-wall switch that just sends an X10 code - prefered to only have 1 or 2 buttons
X10 wireless controller to tape/glue/screw to the wall - prefered to only have 1 or 2 buttons

Wires are all VERY easy to get at, so re-wiring the plug is not a problem.

Anyone have model#'s or sources for any of the hardware options above?