X10 Thermostat


Why can't we have something like that here in the states for almost $50

Saw this on the UK X10 Site


X10 Thermostat

(£22.50 excl VAT)
Digimax TH10 thermostat

An RF (Radio Frequency) wireless programmable thermostat, that works within 30 metres range. Once set the Digimax TH10 sends a secure coded X10 RF signal to the Maxi Controller, which converts it and sends it on as X10 over the house wiring to receiver modules for operating the water control valves. These can be either DIN rail switches for 230 volt valves or a Universal Module for low voltage controlled valves.


* 5 - 35 degrees Centigrade
* 16 - 35 degrees selectable
* Power supply 3 AA 1.5v alkaline batteries
* Typical battery life of 2 years
* RF range 30 metres (reduce by 50% for every wall the RF passes through)
* No user maintenence

System requirements

* Requires Maxi Controller to receive coded RF signals for X10 operation
* An X10 control device such as a Universal Module or DIN rail switch
It doesn't look like this controller is as intelligent as the thermostats we have, since all it does is convert the thermostat 'data' to x10 compatible data, and then you need another device which will actually handle the physical interaction with the HVAC system.