X10 to offer a $100 HA/Security starter kit


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Its been thought about for years, but required a complete overhaul of X10's industry leading home control hardware combined with brand new software for video surveillance. An all-in-one home control system priced for the everyday homeowner yet powerful enough for the folks seeking a more sophisticated solution. Introducing the first system to combine X10's famous tiny wireless color video camera XCam2 with its industry leading and award winning PC-based Home Control ActiveHome Pro kit. The result is the world's premier do-it-yourself home control network. This system is backwards compatible and provides both existing ActiveHome Pro users and new X10 customers with the chance to add the power of video surveillance to traditional lighting and appliance control.

After a monumental development effort, the new iWitness software for ActiveHome Pro quickly and easily transforms your independent automation, security and surveillance products into one seamless system. This new package makes it possible for a motion sensor to trigger wireless cameras that automatically pan/tilt/zoom to follow the action from either a TV, PC screen or both at the same time. Enter your commands into the user friendly Windows based software and you're ready to go. You no longer need the PC. X10's revolutionary tiny white box stores instructions, plugs into any wall outlet and acts as the caretaker that never forgets to execute commands. PC enthusiasts seeking greater control can also use iWitness to automatically view and capture live video on their hard drive for later use. You can even view up to 4 cameras at once using the multi camera screen feature.

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X10's ActiveHome Pro with iWitness software is simple, fun to use and starter kits are under $100. Getting started is easy. Once you're up and running, you can add lights, motion sensors, chimes, remote controls and cameras to your heart's desire. Just visit www.x10.com/iwitness.

How it Works

Your new system is anchored by X10's ActiveHome Pro software for automatic lighting/appliance control, featuring the familiar Windows based drag-and-drop interface. Within minutes, you can easily add surveillance cameras to your home control network. Just select the cameras you have and drag them into the room of your choice. You can then give your camera a name and assign it a code just like any other module.

After you've added all your cameras, simply click on them to view live video. Once in video mode, you can switch cameras using the convenient camera tabs or click the split-screen view to see them all. You'll also find the buttons to control your robotic cameras, digital recording and camera scanning right at your fingertips.

ActiveHome Pro with iWitness Software features:
  • Complete control of all X10 cameras, including pan, tilt, zoom, and more.
  • Combined control of X10 lighting and camera products.
  • Date and time scheduling for recording and switching cameras.
  • Motion activated recording and switching cameras.
  • Video Recording -- You can even record live video to be stored on your PC hard drive.
  • Still pictures -- You can capture still pictures at predetermined intervals such as every 5 seconds. You can also record stills whenever motion is detected or based on a timed event.
  • Scan/View multiple cameras on single PC screen -- the new software enables you to add additional cameras and be able to scan between them using a single PC screen.
  • View live video on a PC.
  • Works with Smart Macros software for even more advanced control routines.
  • Review saved pictures and video easily using X10 Media Viewer.

X10 ActiveHome Pro

X10's quest to provide affordable DIY solutions that transform your home PC into a high tech command center to control automation and video surveillance reached another milestone in 2004 with the launch of the ActiveHome Pro PC Home Control kit (www.activehomepro.com). Suddenly, home control wasn't just for techies or those with lots of dispensable income. The kit made it possible for anyone with a home PC to create routines or scenarios to make life safer, more convenient and more fun.

Because X10 technology uses both the existing AC wiring in your home and RF commands, you can replace wall switches and connect lamp modules without knocking out walls and spending thousands on rewiring. In almost no time you can control important lights in your home automatically using the software program. Even better, you have the option to also use a variety of X10 remote controls that can be placed strategically on the wall (Slimline), by the bedside (Mini-Controller) and even on your keychain (http://www.x10.com/activehomepro/remotes.html). Imagine the pleasure of entering a room where the lights automatically dim when you enter and turn off when you leave. The ActiveHome Pro software interface features rich graphics and friendly fonts within a familiar Windows-based format. The drag/drop commands and pull down menus screens are fun and easy to use.

Software Macros

X10's ActiveHome Pro software enables you to assign individual or grouped commands (macros) that provide the ultimate simplicity and the greatest flexibility. These programmed routines are the brains behind X10's amazing integrated home control/video surveillance system that literally gives lights, sensors and cameras minds of their own. Just set and forget. The system will do the rest! Just visit www.activehomepro.com.

X10 Cameras

X10 revolutionized the do-it-yourself video surveillance market with the incredibly powerful yet affordable XCam2 kit, the infamous tiny wireless color video camera and receiving unit to view important areas of your home or business from a TV or PC screen.

For those seeking even more power, X10 launched the sophisticated yet again affordable Vanguard Professional Camera System. This bad boy is digital, features built-in pan/tilt/zoom, and can be controlled from anywhere via the Internet. You can learn more at www.x10.com/cameras.

X10 Newsletter/Great Camera deals

You can always find the best prices on X10's popular line of wireless color video cameras and accessories by signing up for the X10 newsletter. Not only will you have a great time stocking up on cool toys, but often times you'll find specials that include free pan and tilt mounts, remote controls and motion sensors. You can sign up today at http://www.x10.com/discountclub.htm.

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X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. designs, engineers, markets and sells the easy-to-use affordable X10 family of branded products to make everyday life safer, more convenient and more fun. The X10 PowerLine Carrier protocol was created in the late '70s and continues to be the de facto industry standard for home remote control of lights and appliances. Our proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless protocol enables affordable transmission of audio and video from a PC to another TV or stereo in the home.

We feature factory direct savings on the X10 family of branded products such as wireless color video cameras, wireless audio/video systems and wireless remote control kits. In addition, X10.com now extends the same low prices and excellent customer service to offer a wide variety of quality third party electronics such as MP3 players, DVD players, Boom boxes, memory sticks and digital cameras/camcorders. All orders over $49.99 include free Fed-Ex shipping. All orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee. For more information, visit us online at www.x10.com.