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X3 - E83 - BMW Washer Fluid Reservoir tank / pump replacement


16th of January, 2022
The E83 with Winter package has 3 pumps connected to the washer fluid reservoir.
Noticed the reservoir empties after a couple of weeks.  I have changed the pumps before.
Decided to revisit checking the reservoir and pumps today.
Heated garage.  
Here is a drawing:
Found top pump to be leaking.
Decided to replace all three with VDO pumps and new grommets with filters.


Update February 1, 2022
Got all three pumps.  Easy install.  The Headlamp pump is larger than the front and rear windows pumps.

Purchased a new BMW OEM tank and really did not need it as the old one has no leaks.
Noticed that the pump grommets are all loosey goosey (leaky) so replacing those with BMW types with built in filters next.
Easiest way to do this is to unbolt the tank at the top and tip it to replace the pumps.
Looking at it from the front the left front pump is for the Windshield.  The right front pump is for the rear window and the rear larger pump is for the headlamps.
My right front pump is not working at this time.
So relating to the above reinstalled the old pumps for time bean until I get the new BMW type of filtered grommets and reinstalled the BMW head lamp pump because the old replacement was leaking (it was a URO replacement - Junk).
Had to drive to the city last week ( ~ 30 miles or so) in the middle of the last snow storm.  Very slow driving.  The pumps all worked fine.
So right now OK with the old pumps until I replace them with the VDO pumps and new grommets.