XACT Unveils Cellular Phone Docking Station


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New York, NY - XACT Communication, the leader in personal consumer electronic solutions, has just unveiled a device that will revolutionize the way Americans connect by phone. XACT has expanded the abilities of cellular phones to not only meet those of land lines, but to surpass them. With the XACT Cellular Phone Docking Station, your cellular phone can become your main channel of communication, whether you’re using it from the road or in the comfort of your own home.

The XACT Cellular Phone Docking Station links the wireless and wired (land line) phone networks, giving you the benefits of both without the downfalls of either. This device can be connected to any home/office phone line so that once you dock your Bluetooth enabled cellular phone into the charger, all calls will be forwarded to your land line. You can answer cellular phone calls from any phone in the house without worrying about reception, a dying battery or threat of radiation. For outgoing calls, take advantage of cellular phone services’ “Free Nights and Weekend†promotions by dialing through your land line, but utilizing your cellular phone network.

The Cellular Phone Docking Station supports most Bluetooth enabled cell phones that are on the market today. For added convenience XACT will also be releasing a multiple handset model of the Docking Station, so one phone or all of the phones in your residence or office will ring once the phone is placed in the charger. With the Cellular Phone Docking Station, you can finally “cut the cord†to typical land line limitations. Now your cellular can be truly mobile, by working for you everywhere.

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