Products look good, of course I didn't look for a price yet. Maybe Martin can give us some guidance on this product line.
I have looked at some of their stuff. From what I have seen, they are pretty close to functionality and price of a lot of the x10 cameras. There are a few added things (with additional cost) but I would put them in about the same catagory as other cheap cameras - fun to play with but not too serious. The cameras work well but are still "consumer grade" cameras.
The problem with Xanboo is they run a service and their home automation video equipment must connect to their service web site to work properly without hacking it. They aren't interested in opening up the service to the general HA audience for local (LAN) use unless they can make some bucks on the back end. I joined their sevrice for a few months, till I figured out they really weren't that great, and they never did charge my credit card. I got the feeling the service and keeping customers happy was just not a high priority with them.

They also sell equipment that is mostly consumer-grade, but their pricing is comparable. I have some 9 or 10 cheap Xanboo color cameras ($50 ea.) that I use with my standard webcam streaming video gear. They work, they have PIR in each camera, and they also have a mic in each camera, so they are good for HA use. Definitely not high quality, nor low light. But usable.

Xanboo wants to partner with companies to provide services, etc. They also want bucks for the development kit (XDK). So, I use the cameras with other gear for my systems, but nothing else.
I heard about that xanboo service charge, was wondering who would actually pay for this considering the quality of the products isn't that great.