xAP drivers


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Since there are several new protocols out there (Insteon, ZigBee, UPB, etc.), wouldn't it be a better idea to make the driver a stand alone app, but make it xAP compatible, so any software package which supports xAP can access the device? Would anyone be interested in developing such an app?
Are you talking about one generic device driver for all interfaces or one specific driver for each interface. The device specific is much easier to implement and I assume that's how you meant it.

I agree the xAP/xPL idea is the way to go. Then you can use the device driver with several different home automation software packages. I know HS has a xAP plugin (or 2). Or you could use a collection of xAP packages for your control.

I've been reading on HS BB about the UPB/Insteon support and Rich stated it would only be supported in HS 2.0, so no backward compatability with 1.7. If a Xap/xPL driver was created it could be used with either version so long as HS 2.0 had a Xap/xPL plugin.

I know there is a xPL development framework so you can write a simple interface in VB or VC, which really get the project alot farther down the road.