xAP Jabber


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i've been playing around w/ an app called xAP Jabber (you can get it from http://www.mi4.biz). description:

xAP Jabber is an instant messenger bot. It connects to a jabber/xmpp server as a regular user and then you add that user to your personal jabber/xmpp roster. Now xAP display messages will be sent as popups to jabber clients and any xAP device can send a message to any jabber user. Any authorised jabber user can send messages to the bot and these get transferred to xAP messages. Also the presence of all authorised jabbers users is sent over xAP ( compatible with xAP Switchboard, using the same schema as the jabber connector).
This application is a gateway and not a chat bot. That functionality will be addressed by another application that will be available shortly.

i'm always logged into yahoo messenger when i'm @ work so this is really cool to have. i get caller id messages and house status sent as IM's to me. it also knows when i'm @ work & when i leave because the app knows my online status and sends xAP messages w/ that info.

my next step will be to set up commands that i can issue to my house over IM :p
from what I understand, this type of functionality has been present in MisterHouse for a while now (although the jabber component appears to be broken in the most recent release). MisterHouse can use Jabber, MSN Messenger, or AIM, depending on how you set it up.
cool. as much as i like writing perl (is it possible to like writing perl? :p), i never could get into misterhouse. this app, being xAP based, doesn't tie you to a particular HA app. any other app w/ a xAP interface (like homeseer or xlobby) can use this as can any app that uses activex scripting.
Wildfire is an open source Jabber server with xAP built-in, I believe. If not, there is a plugin for the server. It runs on Windows, Linux and others. There is also a client for it, called Spark. You can run your own server for your home and hook it to other servers for remote comms, etc.

They also have Asterisk integration and a bunch of other XMPP interfaces.