xAP Question


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Mr. House recommended that I work on xAP. I am all for it and read as much as I could on it yesterdat.

My question is: Could/Is xAP being used to standardize plugins so automation packages don't have to write their own support for devices? If so WHERE ARE THEY!? heheh

The W800RF for example. If someone would make an xAP wrapper for it, I would never have had to write support for it. There are so many devices I need to write support for, I would rather master xAP and get automatic support for these devices then.

I think they should not worry about their FloorPlan modules and work on generic support for things like Stargate?

Am I off, is some of this done already?

I peaked at xPL too, but was so rushed I did not see that! That is awesome, I hope that Ocelot, StarGate, ELK and others are in the works =)

Damn, Everytime I think I am getting to a place I can stop for a bit, I find some other project I just have to code for. xAP & xPL look worthy of immediate attention.

Well, I took the afternoon of from work so I can work on it before the woman gets home =) She supports my projects, but I spend wayyyyyy too much time on them. She likes to talk to me and break my fragile attention span =( I guess it could be a lot worse. CNN was just saying most men have control over Cars Electronics & Budgets and the wife controls everything else.... This house is definitly a man's playpen, thankfully.

xPL should give you immediate access to TiVo and SlimServer although the CLI for Slimserver might be a better route for that product.

I think xPL support of hardware devices like Elk, Stargate, and Ocelot would require something on the hardware side to "xPL enable them" before anybody can write xPL code to talk to them. (Tivo and SlimServer are already xPL enabled).

It is more likely that these companies will expect you to support their hardware directly letting your program act as their gateway to xPL and other protocols.
xAp/xPL potential is great, but what I have seen is that except for a few exceptions, these protocols are for intra-PC communications. You'll always need a driver in the PC to translate from the device's protocol to the xAP/xPL protocol. The only advantage is that all programs connected to the xAP/xPL hub (in the PC) will be able to make use of any message shared.

With so much that you have to do, I would keep these protocol in mind (so that you dont make the program incompatible with the xAP/xPL architecture), but would not spent time on them yet. You must consider the benefit/cost rate for each minute spent programming. You want the highest impact possible for your time spent without your wife. :D