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This morning I was in the middle of reading the article on XAP by the big E. When trying to click on page 2, I got numerous database errors from the server...now I can't find the article, and your search tool wont let me search for XAP.

Can someone please point me to the link?
lol, the xAP guides are in the How-To section, and I also finished the keyword linking software, so the word xAP will point to the guide as well :) I also added a link to part II just this morning, since I figured you were looking for it :lol:
I thought you guys moved or upgraded your board, or something or other a bit ago?

DB errs are a pain in the butt ;)
we were moved to a supposedly semi-dedicated server, but obviously it isn't as dedicated as they lead us to believe. There is no way Cocoon or AO are putting enough stress on the server to cause these kind of errors, but there isn't much we can do. The last event you probably remember is that they wiped us out again lol.
There are a bunch of stores which have to be linked, but I figured I'll start with the complicated data first ;)