XBox 360 Extenders and MCE


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An interesting update: Awhile back I was using MCE and was testing the use of XBox 360's as an extender. I had issues with it not working properly and video freezing. I did not try any games on it and was using a wired connection.

I moved on, and tried Sage (also wanting to be able to integrate further with software like CQC) and have pretty much worked through my issues there and like the $109 extenders.

I gave the XBox 360 to my cousins and they found out it actually had an issue. Microsoft increased the warranty (close to when the ps3 came out I heard). Well they are having it fixed for free (games would lock up).

My point and information being: If anyone has a similar problem with a 360 and an extender you may wish to test it using some games or just call Microsoft on it. I now wonder if my issues were related to this (as there were numerous reports here of people reliably using a 360 as an extender.) I'm happy with where I am, but I might be down a different path right now if that unit worked well.