Xbox and Infocus X1


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Its not only the Xbox but my Panasonic DVD/VHS combo also.

I connected my Xbox to my Infocus X1 using a 15pin VGA to Component video adapter which i bought from Infocus and a HD adapter that i got off of e-bay for my Xbox. On the Xbox Adapter it says


On the Infocus i have the option of using Component or Composit in. I tried component first but it did not work. So i figured that one of the 3 RG59 Cables that i had put my own RCA adapters on was bad. To check this i pluged each cable in one at a time from the Y(green) on the Xbox to the Composit in Yellow on the Infocus. With each cable i was able to get a image from the xbox but it was in black in white every time.

So I figured that everything was working that i would give it one more shot and still i can not get component video to work. I also tryed to hook up my Panasonic DVD player to the X1 and dont get any image from that either. I do get Optical Audio Tho.


Just a few aditional notes. I can hook my laptop up to the X1 with a VGA to VGA cable and everything is good. The Optical Output of the Xbox Audio is also good.
Thanks to TreeTop i am able to get S-video from my DVD player In Color. This isnt doing me much good because i dont have an S-video cable ran. I also tried a differnt cable (One that was not home Brewed) i still only get B&W composit and No Component
I asked the same question at AVSforum to see if those guys could help... If your confused from this thread you may want to read another version of the same question

I think i have it narrowed down to a bad VGA to Component Adapter. Not positive yet because i cant figure out how to test the adapter. I was thinking of using an ohm meter and checking for continuity but i dont know the pin out of the adapter.

Off to Google i go!!!!
Found this on google...
[6.3.6] Video Game Machines
I have the HD output kit for the X-Box. I can't get it to show anything either through the component into special S Video adapter that came with the pj (with the X-Box set for 480p, 720p or 1080i output), nor will it work when I put the component outputs of the X-Box through a component to VGA adapter and run it into the computer input.
The s-video adapter should work when the XBox is in its setup menu (no disc in the drawer) which is 480i. In the setup menu you will need to tell the XBox that your TV is HDTV compatible. Once setup this way, connecting the component output to the VESA connector via a simple RCA to 15-pin adapter should get it to work properly in 480p or higher. Be advised that there are very, very few titles that will "turn on" the HDTV modes in the Xbox. A couple of popular ones are Dragon's Lair (1080i) and Enter the Matrix (720p or 1080i).
Tip: the green output from the HD pack will give a black and white image if plugged into the composite input. This will let you view the dashboard without swapping A/V packs.

It was quite easy to set up the xbox for those who were coming across problems. After attaching the HD pack to the xbox, I hooked up the green cable to my tv to see a black and white image. The settings for widescreen, 420p, 720p, 1080i, Dolby Digital, and DTS were now all available in the settings menu. I enabled them all ( i left the projector in 4:3 mode and let the xbox put out the widescreen format...worked best this way), used the breakout cable to hook up to the projector and voila. Note: To those that "upgraded" their xbox, all "extra features" are 480p so no need to worry about not being able to see menu's and such.
However if you have not "upgraded" your xbox, you simply just miss out on the beginning intro of the "X" splash screen. Once the game is initialized, the projector kicks in with the picture, so no real issues there unless for some reason you want to go back to the settings menu.
I tinkered with the projector's color temperature, RGB, and other settings a bit, but haven't really come up with anything that seems to be that much better. I used the progressive player for the xbox, and I honestly thought my cheap RCA DVD player with component out looked better. So those wishing to watch DVD movies with the projector will probably not be pleased. Also, its impossible to watch DVD's through the breakout cable from the xbox if it has not been "upgraded".

With a video game machine like the Xbox, running 480p will give you additional detail from your games that you won't get from 480i. This is because the Xbox and its games are natively a progressive source, so if you run 480p there is no deinterlacer involved at either end. On the other hand, if you run the Xbox at 480i it is actually having to downconvert the progressive source down to interlaced, and then the X1 has to deinterlace it back to progressive again. Some detail will get lost in the translation.

Looks to me like i might have my Xbox setup in the wrong mode... It also looks like connecting the Component Green to Composite should put out a Black and White Image when in the console. This might explain my problem with the Xbox but still does not explain the problem with my DVD Player... Im considering selling my projector on e-bay and going with a better one. Maybe a home theater projector instead of a computer projector. $$$$ is always the issue tho.

Ill try the Xbox again tonight...