XBOX Caller ID


What u need

1 A Softmod / or Chipped XBOX
2 XBMC The Latest Release If Possible
3 The Attachment on this Page
4 YAC this is FREE software get it from here

Heres what u do download the attachment from this page and FTP the unzipped contents to your XBMC Directory usually XBMC is located in E:\Apps or if you have installed a Bigger Harddrive F:\Apps\

once you have transfered the file across install YAC to a computer with a modem which supports CallerID once installed right click on the phone icon and click on listeners add the IP of your XBOX mine is then add all the names you want it to display in name substitution box

lastly reboot your XBOX load up XBMC and play a movie leave the movie playing and goto your PC and click back on the listeners tab in YAC click test listeners you should see a callerid box appear on your XBOX for 10 seconds


To add thumbnails for incoming calls, add [phonenumber].jpg into the yac subdirectory in XBMC\Scripts\

The filename must be the same number # of digits as displayed in the callerid, but it should contain no extra # characters such as hyphens or spaces.


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