XEP not working


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We installed our Elk M1 this weekend and all is working well. I also installed the XEP and have pulled up the XEP with RP. It registers the IP address, etc. When I go to connect via the network, it does not connect and I get a "Failed to connect to server" dialog box or "Could not initialize a secure connection". I am assuming this is a router issue.

I have run the enrollment function several times. Ports are opened on my router for 2101, 2601, 26, 80, and 21.

I am using the default port 2601 that is discovered via RP.

Any ideas??

Thanks for any help...
In addition, when I am searching for hte XEP, 1 out of every 3 attempts it will not find the XEP. Even when it does, it is not connecting to it.
It sounds like you are trying to connect from the local network (i.e. from your house, not at work). As such the ports being opened should not have an impact (those are for letting in traffic from the outside in, you are already on the inside).

From the address you gave I'm going to guess you have some form of a dlink router perhaps?

A few questions that might help:
Is the XEP and the computer you are using both on a wired network?
Is there only one router on the network? (is the computer you are using on an IP like 192.168.0.x?)
What operating system is the PC you are using to connect have?\
Can you ping the XEP (ping I think ping may not be blocked by default but I am not sure.

These might help expose a general issue, one of the Elk guru's might have some additional questions.
I know this is going to sound stupid, but you did tell RP to use the 'Network' menu option, right? Sometimes, I hit the 'Direct using COM' menu, since I am used to using the serial port.

Also, do you have the latest firmware installed? It fixes a lot of issues. I am definitely interested in the ping results as well.

I am on my local network, WIN XP, Netgear router. And yes, I am trying to connect to it via "network".

I brought home a hub from work since I don't have a crossover cable. I set my ip on my laptop to and it found the XEP. I then proceeded to update my settings. After the update, I pushed the new firmware to it: 1.2. I never have been able to reconnect to update the bootware.

I now can't ping the XEP or connect. Is there a way to do a "hard reset" on the XEP? Did the firmware update screw it up?

Thanks again for your help.
no longer enrolled. no longer seeing the XEP at all. can't ping it either.

could the firmware update have not completed itself?
Email [email protected] and he will instruct you on reinitializing the M1XEP.
Make sure you tell him everything you did and the results you are getting.

Sorry you are having the problem.

Edit: The M1XEP will default to upon certain failures. You could try connecting to that address.
will do. i have the sinking feeling that the firmware upgrade crapped out on me.

the green light is blinking 2x (static config) and still nothing. anybody here have the specs on reinitializing the XEP?
Remember that after loading the software upgrades into the M1XEP Ethernet Module from ELKRP, it will take up to 8 minutes for the M1XEP to write the new program into its Flash memory and reboot itself . You will not be able to connect to the M1XEP until it has finished flashing the memory and rebooting. The Ethernet status lights will start blinking about 20 seconds before you can connect.

Results are unpredictable if you stop it before it is finished.