XigmaNAS sustained RW speeds


Here using XigmaNAS with ZFS and recently upgraded firmware.  Noted on the upgrade that my transfer speeds were good relating to downloading.  Uploading would start fast then slow way down to a trickle.  I have had this issue before.  I was able to repair it by tweaking boot configuration of BSD.

The XigmaNas box is using:

Xeon CPU with a Haswell chipset
Dual Intel Gb NICs
16 Gb RAM
8 SAS drives - HGST plus one 32 Gb SSD boot drive
LSi raid controller with updated firmware which works with SAS or SATA drives.
Here is an example of what I see after tweaking. Before tweaking it was around 50-75 MB / s on downloads and uploads would start at 115 MB /s and drop down to around 10 about 1/2 upload of file.
Transfer of a 9.7 Gb file from NAS to Laptop. ~ 114.9 MB/s
Transfer of a 8.5 Gb file from Laptop to NAS. ~ 114.1 MB/s

Did not touch Gb LAN settings on Laptop (auto MTU)
Using two NICs on NAS connected to Switch with load balancing configured on Ogg.
ZFS Tweaking of Xigmanas as follows.  System / advanced / Loader.confg adjustments.

Theoretical maximum transfer speeds should be:  (IE: I am happy with what I see above)

about 125 MB/s


It is 1,000 megabits, not 1,000 megabytes. There are eight bits in a single byte, so let's do the math: 1,000,000,000 bits divided by 8 bits = 125,000,000 bytes. There are about a million bytes in a megabyte, therefore a gigabit network should be capable of delivering a theoretical maximum transfer of about 125 MB/s.
Jun 22, 2009
Testing using Wireless file above and NAS.

Ruckus AP and see a maximum sustained up or downloading speed of 12 MB /s which I read is good for wireless using 2.4GHz or 5.0Ghz radios. Adjusted bandwidge from 20 to 80 and did not see any changes.

Mentioned earlier was some stuttering of 4K files using Kodi SMB. This was fixed by mapping the NAS drive on boot of the KODI box using FSTAB edits.