YAH (Yet ANOTHER Hurricane!)


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Just an update from South Florida, I am in West Palm Beach.

I am at a friends house right now (About an hour north that has electricity). Power has been out for 3 days now at my place. This hurricane was SOOOoo much more than we thought it was going to be! I stood at my slider, and saw the entire roof lift off of the building across from me, and blow across the street, and then land on a bucn of cars! A tree landed on my car taking out the front windshield, both side mirrors, and hefty damage to the hood and roof.

I also went down to the airport where I have ben training, and honest to God, without any exaduration, it looks like someone did a bombing run on the planes! (Will post photo's when I get home and have electricity if anyone is interested) My car has 1/8th of a tank of gas, and the VERY few stations that are running on generators, have upwards of 6 hour waiting lines.

They are saying we could be up to a month before all power in south Florida is restored! I hope that I am closer to the top of the list than the bottom!

It is just amazing how bad this storm was after it came across the state, everyone thought it would weaken, and it did the exact opposite. Well my family, friends and I alll came through ok, and everything else can at least be repaired.

Glad to here you weren't hurt during the hurricane !

Must have been terrible and scary for you !

I have friends up here who have a condo near Punta Gorda somewhere.

Have you heard how that area made out ?

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I am surprised you don't have any power, my office in WPB has power, and I don't think it ever lost power for more than a few minutes. Glad to hear you are doing ok! CocoonTech.com just made it back online as well (down for 2 days), since it is hosted in FL (Boca).
I keep saying I want to move down to Florida but these storms make me glad I'm in the mid-west.

I bet there is some cheaper houses for sale now :blink: :D
I have friends up here who have a condo near Punta Gorda somewhere.

Have you heard how that area made out ?
Punta Gorda is around 70 miles north of where Wilma came ashore on the west coast near Naples. They should be fine. The south side of the storm is the most powerful, so the tri country area (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) and Monroe were the most affected.
John, glad to hear you're ok. I have friends that were driving down to Palm Beach to a condo timeshare. They stopped in Orlando to pickup their daughter who was flying down after a school trip, and I just got an email from him that they're staying in Orlando since they can't contact their condo - no power

Fun time!

Glad you're ok - hope the HS config is ok!
Ok Guys, I have no servers online. I host out of 2 locations, Ft. Lauderdale, and N. Miami, and both server farms are still without power.

I created a Flickr account so I could share some of the photo's. I dont have all of them here that I took, some are on a laptop that I xfered, and it's battery is dead.

You can have a look at the photo's I did manage to get online ON MY FLICKR ACCOUNT.

It really is hard to beleive just how bad my local airport got hit. There are more planes that I could count that are just totally destroyed, and SOOoo many more with major dammage. My friends plane, that I use to train in, has about $3,000 in damage. The rudder, and elevators were ripped appart, and the left wing has some majopr dammage.