yahoo buys meedio

Very strange announcement, and kind of disappointing. First myHTPC users get abandoned, and now the people who did stick around and migrated to Meedio are being abandoned.
Thats wild... I am happy for the owners but at the same time feel sorry for the users. I wonder how much yahoo paid for everything. I am betting it was too good of an offer to refuse.
That's insane. I've never used meedio, but had heard about it. I just checked their forums and there was aboslutley NO warning, in fact, they just released an update a couple of days ago. Imagine updateing your software one dayand then being told it's gone by by the next.

Man, If HS, Cinemar, or CQC did something like that, We'd all be SOL.
I don't think you would be SOL, you would just be out some cash and time recreating your stuff in another tool. There is no reason if it is a good stable product that it can not continue to run. Almost sort of what HST did with 1.7. They stopped supporting or upgrading it but I bet there are still alot of people using it without issue. Unfortunately stuff like this happens all the time in business.
One of the issues that will affect Meedio customers is the lack of a TV guide data source. There was an expiration that when that happens (July?), the PVR functionality dies.

Don't worry John, Cinemar is still alive, well and growing.
We will be there for your new house :)
I'm assuming that Yahoo bought the technology just so that they could avoid having to learn for themselves all the tricks and techniques involved in that kind of application, which they can apply to some new media oriented web client. So they weren't maybe so interested in the product or even the code, but just the information in the heads of some of the folks there about how to create that kind of client.

But, unless they've been working on this for a long time behind the scenes, I don't see how a new product could come out of it any time soon, if it's really going to be a very different sort of product.

Either way though, it looks like the customers are out o' luck and will have to be looking elsewhere.
Dean Roddey said:
But, unless they've been working on this for a long time behind the scenes, I don't see how a new product could come out of it any time soon, if it's really going to be a very different sort of product.
It looks like they will have something out pretty soon. Probably just a re-themed Meedio.

Sooo... Anybody offering a "coupon" for abandoned Meedio customers? :)
That would be really nasty. If they bought Meedio out, it would be fairly reasonable from a business standpoint to say, look we cannot support the existing customers because we are buying them in order to create a really completely new product that has nothing to do with the existing Meedio product. But if they just dump support for the existing customers and then turn around and put out basically the same product, that's pretty sleezy, and they should provide all the existing customers an upgrade path to that product and continued support.
Oh, I have no doubt they'll offer an upgrade path for existing meedio users. It'll be called, "Buy the product you already paid for again at full retail price!" and it will be lovely.

As a former myHTPC user and a current meedio user I'm not sure if I should be surprised or not. I haven't liked meedio since I first installed it but I was willing to "deal with it" in the hopes that the problems I was having would eventually get ironed out and I would have a system I actually enjoyed tweaking.

Since that obviously isn't going to happen I should probably be happy that they've now forced me to find new htpc software that doesn't make me pull my hair out every time I try to update the smarmy thing.
I have never followed medio so forgive me for asking perhaps a simple question. The version that yahoo just put out for free...Is that pretty much the same version as the original meedio? Are all the features the same?
I haven't delved too much into it but that seems to be the case.

If I was looking at Go! I would be concerned with how Yahoo will use this to make money, which is ultimately any companies goal. I don't think Yahoo will continue to give this program away for free without forcing some kind of advertising or information gathering scheme into the program.

I can't think of any other way for them to turn a profit with this program without selling it and I can't imagine them distributing it at a loss without some kind of reward for themselves.

Then again, maybe I just need to take off my tinfoil hat. It could be that Yahoo has some other plans in mind and there's nothing dubious going on at all.
I downloaded and installed Go TV and it is great for a freebee. Reminds me a lot of MediaCenter2005. Even has similar sounds on clicks. Very easy install and from my limited testing, seems to work well.
I think these apps are great to bring many more numbers of folks into media management via PC. That will only bring the masses to our small industry which will grow larger.