Yet Another Keypadlinc Question


Dang these Keypadlincs can get complicated! Here's my latest issue. At KPL #1 I set a ramprate (light comes on quickly) for local control to control the entry light with button 1. This is the load wired to the KPL. Local control works correctly at this point. I have a 'goodnight' button on another KPL that is linked to KPL button #1 with a ramprate that slowly turns off the entry light. After using this button, local control at KPL #1 keeps the ramprate used in the group with KPL #2. The light comes on annoyingly slowly.

If I reset the local ramprate at the switch, it stays and works correctly until I use the linked KPL button again, at which point it keeps the slow ramprate. Anybody else experienced this? Any ideas?

The KPL exhibiting this behavior is Rev 1.2. I doubt it matters, but the 'sending' KPL is version 1.0. I haven't tried this with any of my other KPLs to see if it is an isolated incident.
Are you waiting the 4+ minutes between setting the local ramp rate and sending the linked device signal, so it doesn't associate the two?

Good thought, but yes, I wait over 6 minutes every time I test it. I use powerhome, so I've double and triple checked the links and everything looks okay. The switches still behave like this whether PH is running or not and whether the PLC is plugged in or not.

Thanks for the replies, you guys are great! Has anyone else been able to reproduce this problem? In the end, the point may be moot because I'm exchanging all of my keypadlincs this week due to the flicker issue. At that point if I don't have this resolved, I'll probably start from scratch and reprogram the links.

Another thought... I did not originally have a local ramprate set. I only set one after using KPL #2 to slowly dim the light off and having that ramprate stick. I know there was an issue with the ORDER of setting the links between a controllinc and a KPL, think that could be part of the issue I'm seeing?

Thanks guys

Let me know how the new KeypadLincs work for you. Sounds as though you may be missing one step. In any case Smarthome tech support is great at troubleshooting and they will be glad to help after you make the swap.