Yet another Omni gone weird


My OmniPro with Litolier lighting several weeks ago stopped acting on X-10 signals and then about a week later stopped completing any commands or updating any switch status. The controller thinks it is sending commands and under status show it doing it;s thing but no lights ever turn on or off.
I even swapped  controller board and the same issue. To me that rules out the controller.
I have swapped X-10 interface with another unit and the same. EDIT. upon check I had installed a PSC04 one way.  Maybe it is just that my PSC05 unit has died.
Is a TW523 a valid replacement for a PSC05?
All the hardwired device function fine, security system and temp and motion detectors.
I can us an X-10 outlet receiver and a handheld controller and turn lights on and off so to me that verifies that the Lightolier firewall panel is processing signals.However the firewall does not show any activity when using the X-10 controller.
If I turn a regular switch on the panel show receiving and then broadcasting the signal.
How would I go about measuring voltage on the pins of the cable coming from the omni to see if a signal is being sent?
Is a TW523 a valid replacement for a PSC05? 
For years now using the JV Engineering  XTB-IIR High-Power 2-Phase Repeater
You might have a defective TW-523 or some noise / signal sucking going on.
How would I go about measuring voltage on the pins of the cable coming from the omni to see if a signal is being sent?
Never done this before.  Jeff has verbiage describing methodologies to measure output / input signals type of stuff.
I do leave the old Elk X10 signal tester on line 24/7.  
Also utilize Homeseer automation software. 
Current plugin is connected to a CM11A and in debug mode very chatty where you can see the X10 traffic on the power line. 
That someone is me. It's still available if anybody's interested. If you're using X10 or Decora PLC, it's a great addition for reliability. I just don't use it anymore and hate to throw it away. It does require wiring into the breaker panel.

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Thank you m terry for chiming in.
Here only utilize X10 these days for the Christmas decorations.  In wall switches today are all UPB. 
That said I do also have a Zigbee and ZWave controller plugged in to the OmniPro 2 panel.
I have one and it works great.  You don't have to connect it to the breaker box.  You can also plug it into an unused electric dryer outlet, or even just wire it for one phase and plug it in anywhere.  That's how I use it.  If your devices are all on one phase, it's all you need to do.
Also, I believe that Jeff has said that he will not order any more parts, so sometime in the very near future he'll run out and you won't be able to get one.
Follow up on this.
I got a new TW523 and that did nothing. I then unplugged the z-wave interface Vizia Rf and then everything started working again.
I guess I will toss that in the bin.
Very odd that removing the Leviton VRCop (ZWave) would make the TW-523 work.   
Here have the ZWave VRCop and the Zigbee ZIM plugged in to the OmniPro 2 panel.
Was your ZWave VRCop functioning fine?  
The entire zwave setup was working correctly for many weeks before everything crapped out. Maybe the vizia went bad? I really only had a few zwave outlets connected and wasn't even using them.  Future may add homeseer zwave as I would still like to do door locks and gutter heaters and security in my shop.
Here using Homeseer ZNet replicated the ZWave network over to the VRCOP. 
It works fine except than the ZWave devices do not report status to the 2nd and 3rd (Smart Things hub) devices.
Give it a try...
1 - disconnect the VRCOP serial cable
2 - press the button on the VRCOP so it goes to programming mode
3 - send the ZWAVE network to the VRCOP.
I did the same with the Samsung Smart Things hub.
The ZWave device IDs will match the VRCOP unit numbers.  
This will only work with ZWave switches or light modules or appliance modules.