You have to check this video out (turning a car into a space shuttle)

yea that last line was awesome! They have had some really good shows this year, but this has to be one of the best ones yet.
Hehe, I saw this one when it was transmitted back earlier this year. Didn't realise there were so many US guys watching Topgear. Bloody good series I thought.
You have got to be kidding me!
Putting the crash aside, the amazing part to me is that the launch was absolutely flawless!!!!!!! From the slow roll onto its back, as the booster release! That is truly , absolutely and 100% amazing!!!!!

"One small step......ladder" hahhah! Gotta love the Brit sense of humor! hahahahah
I have watched that clip again (several times), it really was an amazing feat. Top Gear is one of my favorite shows. The first time I saw this episode, I was watching it late at night, in the bedroom ... I don't think the wife appreciated the 'holy crap' type statement outloud at 2am in the morning :p
my wife loved it too (she watched it next day), it's just that she was asleep the first time I watched this, I really didn't expect a perfect launch! And John you are right, MythBusters should give this a shot as well!
I'd think Burt Rutan etc. would like to talk to that group, that boost phase was flawless. What you saw there involved a hell of a lot of technical expertise...
I am not familiar with that show, being I live in the US. I would love to know what the budget for something like that was. As mentioned, there was a hell of a lot of expertise to pull something like that off. It's not like you simply put a car on a cylinder, and expect it to go up. As a pilot, the weight & balance, and so many other factors can take some serious number crunching, thrust ratio, and about 10,000 things have to be taken into consideration. The first time I watched it (not being familiar with the show) I thought it was smoke and mirrors and some CG thrown in. It just seemed too perfect to be reality! Even without the "Shuttle" detaching, in my book it was a 100% success. Honestly, looking at the wing span of the "shuttle" there was just no way that it could have made an adequate landing to begin with. They even mentioned the glide slope would simply not allow for the car to "glide in" but would have fallen like a rock.

All in all, that was just totally spectacular the way they were able to get that off the ground in such a perfect manor!