Your thoughts: Elk M1 or HAI Omni Pro II


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I am getting ready to do my big purchase and trying to decide between the two. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? I know there is a big price point diff, but not worried about that.

I think everyone here will say get a Elk and don't look back.

But spend a few minutes looking around here. This has been gone over before.
I like ELK products, but if you want expandability, its HAI. I certainly won't say that HAI has incredible stuff, and their software is generally marginal at best, but they do have connections in the industry, and their stuff is reliable.

So I would say, if its just automation and basic security, I'd pick ELK, but if you want integration with video, audio, Internet, and flexibility, HAI is the way to go.
I installed alot of Omni LT and Omni Pro panels for the company i used to work for and we had alot of service calls for them........ and this is why i have M1 Gold in my house. It does what i says it can do and it is easy to use and program.
thewireguy said:
I installed alot of Omni LT and Omni Pro panels for the company i used to work for and we had alot of service calls for them........ and this is why i have M1 Gold in my house. It does what i says it can do and it is easy to use and program.
Were the service calls usually true hardware failures or just user errors?
If a system has user errors at a higher rate than another system it may be because of a poor design. I work for an alarm manufacturer and we designed a system to minimize user error almost entirely at the request of a very large national alarm company. False alarms and service calls can kill the profit for an installer and hurt new business.

Many people want a very simple to use system or they will never use it and will be sorry they got it. Also many localities now charge for fines false alarms and then eventually stop coming.

Here on CocoonTech we want the most sophisticated systems out there as long as they work in my opinion.

I never used HAI but I hear it is a very good system for what it is (very expensive, high end, versatile and exapandable to do almost anything). I considered it after I spent some time testing the ELK. For me the ELK was much more cost effective and can do anything I would really want to do. I also think the support for the ELK is much better.
Mostly hardware problems...... problem with the clock reading wrong time...... expander problems and alot of Tstat problems.

I have not installed a HAI panel for about 5 years and i do have a HAI Tstat in my house and i have not had any problems with it.
AutomatedOutlet said:
Both systems really are fine systems. It really depends on what you want to do with it. Can you tell us more about that?
funny you should ask that. I was getting a shopping cart together at your store. You seem to have the best prices and selection and you are a regular on here.

What I want to do is...

Security system
Automation of lighting. Not sure which protocol yet, but leaning towards z-wave.
Automation of irrigation
Automation of ceiling fans
would like some sort of wireless web enabled pad to control it.
I also have a 16 cam GeoVision server for video that I would like to integrate.
i Have a OnQ Legrand Ethernet intercom that i would like to integrate if possible.
I have whole house audio setup that I would like to integrate. (just wired with speakers and vol controls right now tho)
Ability to access everything via phone, internet, cell phone etc.
HVAC control
temp senors

The house is all wired up on my request, new build, and want to use it to it's full potential.

I attached a shopping list, maybe you can look it over and let me know what you think?


Unless you plan on tightly integrated video then I think the Elk is a good, cost effective choice. The HAI does have built in hardware based video, but the Elk has video via the touchscreen in Beta.

In regards to your list I would make the following comments and I'm sure Martin or someone will correct me if I am wrong.

1. RM is included with the TS-07, so you do not need to purchase it separately
2. For the Aprilaire T-Stats, you also need the protocol converter
3. I don't think the prox readers fit directly in the new KP2, but I believe they can be put in the wall. There is a thread somewhere around here about that I think
4. You need a transformer for the PD9

What about structured wiring stuff - are you covered with that - can, cover, mounting hardware, etc?

Also be aware there are some limitations with the current ZWave implementation - you may want to research that a bit before deciding for sure. You may be able to integrate the video and audio to the TS-07 depending on exactly what you are trying to do.

Thats about all I can muster with brain half asleep.
Thanks for the tips.

What about insteon, from what I read they seemed to have more problems. Is that the case?

As for structured wiring, yes, I have everything, but I have a feeling my 42" can will not be enough.

For video, I just want to be able to view it anywhere, any device, tv, cell, webpad etc.



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Personally, if you are not going to hardwire, UPB is the most solid lighting choice out there today. Honestly the only issues that really come up with it is the slight delay controlling a local load and the price. The delay is highly personal, some hate it some it doesn't bother. I fall into the latter category. Yes, it is more expensive, but it is also better quality and easier to configure than other choices. There is a reason alot of pros choose it. I spoke to many pros at the EHX show that are either already using it or migrating to it. This can almost get religious so for the record the above is my personal experience from using it for a year and talking to many pros.

Yes, you will almost certainly need another can for all those goodies if you want to really set it up nice and neat. Do it now while you have the opportunity easily. Also allow for growth/expansion.

Video likely will have to be somewhat separate, but integrateable if done right (if that makes any sense).
Boy Steve, you are good!

I think Steve nailed it pretty well.

Why is it you are going with the AprilAire tstats? They are good and work well with the Elk but probably would not be my first choice.
I have to agree with ano and Steve on this one. I have a HAI Omni in my house. Had I known about the Elk M1 when I bought the HAI, I would have probably chosen Elk just for the price alone. It appears to be highly expandable and you will get much more support on the Elk than the HAI from these very forums.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my HAI. I have the Omni II with two zone expansions, and a four port relay expansion. Just about all 48 zones are tapped out. I use it for my lighting (X-10 :unsure: ), security, wireless, and plan on implementing video later on. If you have the money, HAI is very expandable while the ELK is much more cost effective.
Well, the house is 98% complete, so I won't be able to add another can till I move in.
I chose the Aprilaire cause they look the nicest, if you have other options, I am all ears.
I assume UPB and Elk play nice together?