youtube tv - anyone using it?


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Thinking of going with Youtube TV basic plan. Anyone using it and what hardware are you using (firestick, roku, etc)? How do you like it? Any surprises I may not know about? I was considering Spectrum since I am getting them for internet but the fees really add up. There is a $21 access fee just for local TV channels that I can get OTA but have to have.


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I believe they offer a trial, so I'd go that route. I've heard some complaints that the way shows are presented may be overwhelming. I'm keeping my trial available for the day I really 'need' it. I'm using Sling, and while far from perfect, it's the cheapest option. There's also Hulu Live TV, but haven't looked at that option yet.


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I recently got two larger Sony TVs with the Google O/S. You can download so many apps into it and get more than we ever got on Roku and Firesticks, all on WiFi and no external hardware required. No wires attached. Not sure what the resolution is but I suspect it somewhat lower than 4K.


I'm using it. One newer Samsung TV can run the app directly, the other I'm using a Roko Speaker.

I don't like the guide that much...but I do like being able to 'start from the beginning' option when tuning in late on some football games.

The 'library' function (record shows) isn't bad as it also lets you record a series. The app just has basic functions which is fine for me.

I can't compare this to anything else (Hulu, etc...) as this is the first TV app I've used since getting rid of Dish/DirectTV.

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I switched to YouTube TV from Sling several months ago. Sling was OK, but I was paying for way more channels that we would ever watch - YouTube is cheaper and still has the channels we actually do watch.

That said, I am seeing a few glitches - not entirely sure whether to blame YouTube or ROKU, but I suspect ROKU is the problem. Basically, we occasionally lose sound or lock up upon turning it on. Cycling power to the ROKU gets everything working again. But this rarely happened with Sling.

I am not a fan of the user interface for YouTube TV - not as intuitive as Sling or a typical cable box. YouTube TV will not pause anything beyond about 20 minutes, so if you don't come back in that time, you lost your place and can't go back - I find that extremely annoying. Recordings work fine, but again, not as easy as Sling. But for the lower cost, I've been OK with these issues.


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I use on 4 tvs. I use FireTV sticks. It works great. Do note that the DVR is a bit weird. You can record all you want, but it doesn't record that show for you, they really record all programs on all channels, but when you "record" it it lets you forward past the commercials. But you can really watch any past show, "recorded" or not. Youtube TV is very reliable, streams great on mobile devices, and gets LOTS of channels for 1/2 what we paid for DirectTV. We also had Sling, but dropped that for Youtube TV. I'd say its the best one out there.