Z-Wave Alliance products

That little controller looks like a USB dongle that you can plug into your laptop or PDA and carry it arround to your devices in order to load the device into the memory of that dongle. I don't know the details of it but I have heard about it and it seems to be one of the cool new feature of z-wave about to come out. Chris Walker from ControlThink may be able to elaborate on its functionality.
Yes, that CasaWorks ZPC (USB Z-Wave Controller) certainly is a lot smaller than the existing USB controllers. We support it natively in our own software (which is tricky--it doesn't have a serial port emulation driver). And it doesn't seem to suffer from any of the quality issues of the most popular USB controller.

I have seen a few of them around in prototype form, but I don't think they've hit production yet. But yes, there are a lot of new products coming out soon--and we're often lucky enough to get to play with some of them :)

With some of the Z-Wave products coming this fall, we will no longer have to re-setup our networks when a node fails. We will no longer need to worry about getting new remote controls to be able to play with new device functionality. We will have a full line of switches available from multiple manufacturers. It's an exciting time.


I am looking forward to all the new products that are coming to the market this fall/winter.

Can you enlighten us on this new tool that will help us trouble shoot issues, correct resetup stuff and failed nodes.


Mike: There are even more products scheduled to come to market this fall/winter than have even been announced.

Regarding tools that will help all of us troubleshoot issues, remove failed nodes, etc. . . with a bit of updated firmware and some serious software magic, you're going to see two sets of products coming to market soon that will make life happy.

Type 1: new remote controls--manufacturers are working on new remote controls which take advantage of more of Z-Wave's true capabilities, and help you fix a number of these issues.

Type 2: our software--we have software which fixes a lot of these things for you automagically in the background, and which gives you visual tools to understand what's going on and quick-access buttons to fix things (like removing or replacing a burned-out node, and refreshing routing tables, and the like).

We have a small number of beta testers already using various builds of this software under request of confidentiality. We will have more beta testing slots coming available soon--so if you'd like to be involved with the latest and greatest in the Z-Wave world, just drop me a line through the board here (private message is okay; e-mail is better). We can even re-flash your Z-Wave controller with newer firmware to give you more functionality--or you can pick up an extra one and send it our way if you'd like to still use your existing one with the software you're using.