Z-wave and Home Security Please help me!


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I am currenlty looking into a home security system as well as a home audio system. I have found a remote that supports the Z-wave protocol. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be able to tell me which home security systems use the protocol as well. Can anyone tell where I can find out which home security systems use the z-wave protocol?

There are no Z-Wave security systems. The ELK can communicate with devices using Z-Wave but the actual system security devices (sensors) are not Z-Wave.
If no security systems use z-wave, but there are ones that use ELK, which works with z-wave would I be able to use my z-wave remote to arm/disarm the system, which is what is really important to me?

Elk is one of the best systems that you can buy. Best bang for the buck and easy to setup. I have not used zwave but inorder to clarify how ELK works I will give you an x10 example.

Elk can do x10 like it can do zwave. for x10 wireless comm I use a serial port expander and use the w800 that is used to send and receive wireless x10 comm.

Since zwave is all wireless (i think) then there should be no issue using the wireless part of it. However, don't take my word for it.