Z-Wave and X-10


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I just got through reading the installation manual for the M1 Z-wave interface. The manual states that the the z-wave groups, scenes, and nodes are all mapped into the the same M1 lighting addresses occupied by the X-10 nodes A1 through P16. This makes me believe that Z-wave and X-10 cannot co-exist. Is this true?
Actually all of the lighting stuff is mapped into the x10 space. Like UPB 1-192 are devices and 193-256 are links. All of the lighting should coexist peacefully as long as obviously you don't try to use the same address for each technology.
Actually the addresses can overlap different technologies. The downside of overlapping is the status feedback of the light state may not be right, but alot of the lighting technologies do not give status feedback anyway.
Thanks for the correction! I would still keep them separate even just for easier record keeping unless you have so many devices you need to reuse addresses. But I guess the point is you can certainly run different technologies simultaneously.
OK. Thanks for the responses. Now a couple of more questions though.

I now am using several X-10 lights that I'm very happy with and I want to add some z-wave lights. I understand that when Leviton releases their Vizia-RF product in June, these dimmers WILL be able to somehow send status information to the M1 even though the switch may be controlled locally, or by another controller. With that in mind......

1. Spanky, you mentioned that the feedback may not be right with z-wave and x-10 overlapping. With the new technology (Vizia-RF), will x-10 and z-wave be able to overlap and also able get status information?

2. Is there a way to have them co-exist but not overlap?